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Established in 1995

image: minstrelCantaria is a library of traditional and contemporary folk songs, mostly from Ireland, Scotland, and England, intended to be an educational tool for propagating the living song tradition by providing lyrics with recorded examples of songs being sung, historical notes about the songs and in some cases the sheet music as well. Cantaria currently contains lyrics for 260+ songs, with recordings contributed by a variety of singers, amateur and professional. 

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Alphabetical Index
All songs indexed by title (and title variations)

Songs in the public domain.

Contemporary in traditional style
Written since ~1920 and still under copyright.

Songs documented before 1600
(We don't have too many in this category. If you've recorded some and would like to contribute, tell us.)

Faire Fare
Songs written for or about e-enactment communities, including Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and renaissance faires.

All songs, listed by the singers who have generously agreed to let us use their recordings in Cantaria.

Reference shelf
    *  Recommended songbook list (being revised)
    *  Articles from Irish singer and folklorist
       Mattie Lennon
    *  Web resources: traditional singing info, song research, music biz  (being revised)

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Cantaria was started in September, 1995 with a handful of songs and a grand idea.  Many thanks to all the visitors who continue to encourage us along the way and the musicians who keep joining in the vision by sharing their songs.

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