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The purpose of Cantaria is to be an educational resource for aspiring bards and minstrels. To that end, the songs you will find here include folk songs of western Europe, (mostly the British Isles) which  come from many sources and time periods. The "Pre-1600" section contains songs that we have been able to verify as coming from that time period.  They are all public domain. The "Traditional" cetegory includes songs of questionable age for which origins have not been concretely verified. To the best of our knowledge, songs in the "Traditional" section are public domain, unless otherwise noted on the song page.  If we have made an error in the credits for any of these songs, or if you have more information about their origins, please inform us so we can correct the problem and add proper credits.

Contemporary music
We are carefully and cautiously adding well-loved period-style songs, SCA- and Rennaisance faire-related filk to the archive, crediting the the authors when their identity is known. We are making an effort to contact the authors and make sure they don't mind these songs being posted. If there is any objection we will certainly remove the material from the archive. We welcome additional information about the songs and their origins -- please use this form to send us your comments. 

Please be aware that although offered up as shared pieces for the enjoyment of the folk community, these songs are the intellectual, copyrighted property of the authors. They may not be recorded or performed for profit or commercial gain without the express permission of the authors. We will try to provide contact information for the authors whenever possible.

Audio files
Audio files are provided as learning tools to teach the tunes via the oral tradition. These audio files are offered, courtesy of the performers, with the understanding that they may not be republished or redistributed in any format (physically or digitally) without the express permission of the performer and  Chivalry Music.

PLEASE DO NOT copy the audio files to your own web site. The performers have granted permission for these sound clips to be posted on Cantaria as a learning resource, but they have not given permission for them to be re-circulated across the Internet or be reposted on other sites.  In addition, duplicating our content elsewhere on the Web diminishes the value of Cantaria as a  unique resources. So please, please... link to us, but don't re-publish our content. Thanks!

The Cantaria logo and associated images are copyright 1998, Chivalry Music & Internet Publishing. They may not be lifted from this site and used elsewhere without the express permission of the site developers. However, if you want to add a graphic link to Cantaria from your site, you may use this image:  cant-button.gif (6150 bytes)
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Thank you.
Your compliance to these policies will help us continue to build a rich archive for the enjoyment of all.

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