Contemporary songs written in traditional style

The songs on this list are written in the relatively-recent past, in traditional style or theme and have been accepted, in our opinions, into the folk repertoire. 

Some of these songs, like "The Queen of Argyll" have been so solidly adopted by the folk community, that they are occasionally mistaken as "traditional."  Please be sure to give credit where credit is due when performing songs before a live audience, and check on the licensing status of songs before you record them for fun or profit.

* Indicates that this song is a recent addition to Cantaria.

Auld Triangle, The
The Ball of Balinour
Barrett's Privateers
Bored on the List Field
Browe's Puckan
The Close Shave
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Fiddler's Green
Fields of Athenry
The Fisherman's Song
Flower of Scotland
From Clare to Here 
Golden, Golden
Grey Funnel Line
Highland Paddy  
James, I Understand
John Carthy
Johnny Be Fair
The Mary Ellen Carter
Mingulay Boat Song
Northern Sky

Óró, 'Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile 
The Ould Triangle
Prince Among Men
The Queen of Argyll
Rambles of Spring 
The Ramblin' Rover
Red Haired Mary
Remember Dubh Loch 
Run Come See
The Scotsman
Shoals of Herring  
The Sick Note 
The Slopes of Sweet Cloonee  
Song of the Shield-Wall
Song For Ireland  
Step It Out Mary
Stitch in Time 
To the Beggin' I Will Go  
The Valley of Strathmore
William Bloat
Willie McBride (No Man's Land)
The Yew Tree