Faire Fare

* Indicates recently added songs.

These are songs written specifically for or by members of the reenactment community, which includes the Society for Creative Anachronism and other medieval and renaissance reenactment groups, US Civil War reenactors and participants in Medieval/Renaissance faires.

Some of the songs here are clearly popular 20th century tunes with new words written to fit them. The nickname for these type of tunes is "filk."

Bored on the List Field
Do Virgins Taste Better
Dream Warrior
Estrella VIII
The Finest of Them All
For Elizabeth
Gather Ye Pipers
Have You Seen the Army
The Helmsman
I'll Fear Nothing With You At My Side
It's So Big
The Jester
Karelia's Song
Loki's Song
Moose Song, The  
My Old Man's A...
Queen of All Elfhame, The
Rearguard's Lament
Rogue of Dundee
Rose by the Door  
Song of Thanksgiving, A
Song of the Shield Wall
Soul Bard
Squire's Song, A
They're Hanging Him For Paying His Taxes
Thirty Years
Valkyrie Song, A
Where Go The Maids