Pre-1600 songs

All the songs on this list have been verified as being written before (or right around) 1600 A.D. The background notes on each page will explain verification sources and give any additional historical information.

We need songs for this category! Know of more songs that should be on this list? Have a recording you're willing to share as a part of Cantaria? Tell us about it:

Battle of Otterburn
Ce fut en Mai
False Knight Upon the Road*
Hind Horn*
I Care Not For These Ladies
The Kynges Ballade
Kytt Hath Lost Her Key
Lord Willoughby
Pastyme With Good Company
Three Ravens

* indicates no recording available yet.

Greg Lindahl has  produced a very rich resource of digitized transcriptions of 16th century ballads, as well as many articles about pre-1600 music. Click on the links below to access songs and recordings.