Do You Love An Apple 

(aka When I Was Single or Still I Love Him)

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This example of "Do You Love an Apple" is performed by The Sassy Lassies (Liza Kay)
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Do you love an apple? Do you love a pear?
Do you love a laddie with curly brown hair?

Yes, I love him, can't deny him, 
I'll go with him where ever he goes.

He works in the pityard for nine bob a week 
But Saturday night he comes rollin' home drunk

Still I love him, I'll forgive him
I'll go with him wherever he goes.

When I was single I wore a plaid shawl 
Now that I've married, I wear none at all 


He stands at the corner a smoke in his mouth, 
His hands in his pockets, his whistles me out 

Still I love him, I'll forgive him 
I'll go with him wherever he goes 

When I was single I'd sport and I'd play,
But now how the cradle, it gets in my way.

He bought me a handkerchief red, white and blue 
And then to clean windows he tore it in two 

He took me to the alehouse and bought me some stout 
Before I could drink it he ordered me out