Bold O'Donahue


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This example of "Bold O'Donahue" is performed by Jim Brannigan
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Background notes:

According to Tommy Makem, he learned this song from the singing of a man from Derrynoose in County Armagh called Johnny Vallely. It's probably an old music hall song.

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy arranged and adapted their version, which has become well-known. Their exact arrangement of the song is copyrighted.

Well, here I am from Paddy's land, a land of high renown
I've broke the hearts of all the girls for miles round Keady town
And when they hear that I'm awa' they'll raise a hullabaloo
When they hear about that handsome lad they call Jack Donahue!

For I'm the boy to squeeze her, and I'm the boy to tease her
I'm the boy that can please her, ach, an' I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll court her like an Irishman
Wi' me brogue and blarney too is me plan
With the holligan, rolligan, swolligan, molligan bold O'Donahue!

I wish my love was a red. red rose growing on yon garden wall
And me to be a dewdrop and upon her brow I'd fall!
Perhaps now she might think of me as a rather heavy dew
And no more she'd love that handsome lad they call O'Donahue!

Well I hear that Queen Victoria has a daughter fine and grand
Perhaps she'd take it into her head for to marry an Irishman
And if I could only get the chance to have a word or two
I'm sure she'd love the lad they call O'Donahue!