The Maid of Culmore



This example of "The Maid of Culmore" is performed by Chris Caldwell
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Culmore is about two miles from Derry city in the north of Ireland, where the Foyle river widens into Lough Foyle. It was a departure point for emigrants. Today, Derry is often called "Stroke City" because it is known either as Londonderry or Derry, depending on one's politics, and is sometimes referred to as Derry/(stroke)Londonderry -- thus "Stroke City."

This song is commonly found in Scotland, too, transmitted by itinerant farm workers from Derry and Donegal who traveled to Scotland for work during hard times. 

From sweet Londonderry, oh, to fair London town
There is no better harbour anywhere to be found
Where the children each evening are round the seashore
And the joybells are ringing for the maids of Culmore

The first time I saw my love she passed me by
And the next time I saw her she bade me goodbye
And the third time I saw her she grieved my heart sore
And she sailed down Lough Foyle and away from Culmore

To the north parts of America I will go my love see
Where I will know no one, oh, or no one knows me
And it's if I don't find her I'll return back no more
Like an exile I will wander from the maid of Culmore