The Finest of Them All

Lyrics and Music by Lara Campbell McGehee
Copyright 1995


This example of "The Finest of Them All" is performed by Pay the Dog.
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(Chorus) I was but a young maid, 
Green as leaves in springtime, 
When at first I saw you, 
Riding past my door. 
You were tall and proud, 
Upon a raven stallion, 
And for me you were, 
The finest of them all. 

I stood at the door to watch you riding by, 
Then you smiled upon me and my heart stood still. 
My mare was in the field, no shoes were on my feet, 
But I'd have followed you if it had been your will. 


Summer time had come when you rode near again, 
You needed not a word to bring me to your side. 
Golden were the days, you were my every joy, 
Music filled the air where you and I did ride. 


Four seasons they did pass, I waited still for you, 
Though others came who wished to answer to my call. 
I did not hear their words, and dreamed only of you, 
For none of them could match the finest of them all. 


When you wed another, thinking not of me, 
Autumn winds were blowing and the rain did fall. 
Bitter were the tears, and yet I wear a smile, 
For in my heart I hold the finest of them all. 

(Last chorus) I am yet a maiden, 
Handsome men come courting, 
But the one who wins me, 
Won't get all my heart. 
For I may wed another, 
And to him be tender, 
Still for me you'll be, 
The finest of them all... 
Yes, for me you are, 
The finest of them all... 
For me you'll always be, 
The finest of them all.