Good People



This example of "Good People" is performed by the A Chorus of Two
from the album Our Cups Runneth Over
Please refer to Cantaria's Copyright information

Chords: (FGCG) C-FCFC

Good people heed our petition
Your attention we beg and we crave
And if you are inclined for to listen
An abundance of pasttime we will have

We have come to relate many stories
Concerning our forefathers times
And we trust they will drive out your worries
And of this we are both of one mind

Many tales of the poor and the gentry
And of labour and love will arise
There are no finer songs in this country
In Scotland and Ireland likewise

There is one thing more needing mention
The songs we'll sing all are in fun
So now that you've hard out intention
We'll play on to the beat of the drum