Granemore Hare



This example of "Granemore Hare is performed by Briege Murphy on her album, The Longest Road, available from the Chivalry Music store.
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This song, and many variations of it, are from the north of Ireland. A very similar version is called "The Hills of Greenmore"  Two very similar songs that come from the same region are  "The Hare's Lament,"  which is written from the perspective of the hare, and "The Creggan White Hare". This particular version is definitely from Co. Armagh as Keady is in Armagh, though other versions come from Tyrone and Antrim.

One fine summers' morning, the horn I did blow
To the green fields of Keady for the hunt I did go
We gathered the dogs and we circled around
For we love the sport more than the boys of May Down

And when we arrived they were all standing there
So we took to the fields boys in search of the hare
We had not gone far when young Joe gave a cheer
Over high hills and valleys the wee puss did steer

As she flew down the valley, a wonderful sight
There were dogs black and yellow and dogs black and white
She took the black bank for to try them once more
But it was her last turn round the Hills of Granemore

In the field of wheat stubble the wee puss did lie
And Rory and Charlie, they both passed her by
But there on the bank where we stood on the brae
We could here the last words that the wee puss did say

And no more through the green fields of Keady I'll roam
Or sport through the fields boys for joy and for fun
Or hear the long horn that the dog trainer does play
Or run to my den at the clear break of day

I blame old MacMahon for bringing Coyle here
He's been at his old capers for this many's the year
From Sunday to Sunday, he'll never give o'er
With a pack of strange dogs 'round the hills of Granemore