The Hare's Lament



This example of "The Hare's Lament" is performed by Aidan Brennan (vocals & guitar) and Johnny B Connolly (button accordion), recorded live and used with permission.
Please refer to Cantaria's Copyright information

This song is similar to The Granemore Hare, and The Creggan White Hare but written completely from the perspective of the hare. There are many songs of this ilk.

On the first of November, on a bright autumn day
To the hills of Dromina I chanced for to stray
I was feeding on green grass, the cloves on yon ground
When my heart was set a-beating by the cry of the hound

Musha right tally-ho, hark ye over hi ho
Hark ye over cries the huntsman, Hark ye over hi ho 

Well they hunted me up, and they hunted me down
The bold sportsmen of Strathen, on the trails said the hound
Over highlands and lowlands, over burrens also,
Over hedges and ditches, like the wind they did go.

There was revel and rabble and it gave me a cold rush
When they finally did find me, it was in a rush bush
For better or worse, I know I must die,
But I do my endeavor, those hounds to defy

Then up steps the huntsman, to end all my strife
Saying, "let the hare go, give her play for her life"
Be it far better, to kill Reynard the Fox
Who ate all your chickens and never got caught

Now I must die, and I know not the crime
For the value of sixpence, I ne'er harmed mankind
I ne'er was brought up for to rob or to steal
Except for the droppings and the tops of green kale

Chorus 2x