The Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie

Traditional Scottish


This example of "The Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie" is performed by Mary Smith on her CD Two Strings on Every Bow.
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Notes: The sheet music is slightly different than the way Mary sings it in the example recording.

Lassie wi the yellow coatie
Will ye wed a moorland jockie
Lassie wi the yellow coatie
Will ye busk and gang wi me

I ha meal and milk in plenty
I ha kale and cakes fee dainty
I've a but an ben fee gentry
But I want a wife like thee

Tho my mallen be but small
Little gold I hae to show
I've a heart without a flaw
And I'd gie it all tae thee

Haste ye lassie tae my bossom
While the roses are in blossem
Time is precious, dinna lose them
Flo'ers will fade and so will ye