Melville Castle

Robert Burns


This example of "Melville Castle" is performed by Alex Sutherland and His 
Cronies on their CD "Auld an' New"

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Willie's gone to Melville Castle, boots and spurs and a'
Tae bid the ladies a' fareweel afore he gaes awa'.
Willie's young and blithe and bonnie, loo'ed by ane and a',
What will a' the lassies dae when Willie gaes awa"?

The first he met was Lady Kate, she led him thru' the ha'
And wi' a sad and sorry heart she let the tears doon fa'.
Beside the fire stood Lady Grace, said ne'er a word at a'
She thought that she was sure o' him afore he ga'ed awa'.

Well, ben the hoose cam' Lady Bell, "Guid sakes, ye neednae craw.
Maybe the lad will fancy me, and disappoint ye's a'."
Then doon the stair cam' Lady Jean, the floo'er among them a', 
Saying, "Lassies, trust in providence, and ye'll get husbands a'."

When on his horse he raid awa', they gaithered at the door,
And when he raised his bonnet blue, they set up sic a roar.
Their sighs and tears brought Willie back he's kissed them ain and a',
Saying, "Lassies bide till I come hame, and then I'll wed ye's a'."