Mingulay Boat Song

Hugh S. Roberton, founder of the Glasgow Orpheus Choir


This example of "Mingulay Boat Song" is performed by the Jolly Rogers on their album Loose Cannons, available from the Chivalry Music store.
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Notes:  This song was originally recorded by the Francis McPeake family of Ulster, who also gave us the song Wild Mountain Thyme.

Heel yo ho, boys; let her go, boys; 
Bring her head round, into the weather, 
Hill you ho, boys, let her go, boys 
Sailing homeward to Mingulay 

What care we though, white the Minch is? 
What care we for wind or weather? 
Let her go boys; every inch is 
Sailing homeward to Mingulay. 

Wives are waiting, by the pier head, 
Or looking seaward, from the heather; 
Pull her round, boys, then you'll anchor 
'Ere the sun sets on Mingulay. 

Ships return now, heavy laden 
Mothers holdin' bairns a-cryin' 
They'll return, though, when the sun sets 
They'll return to Mingulay.