The Auld Triangle

(aka Ould Triangle or Old Triangle)
by Brendan Behan


This example of "The Auld Triangle" is performed by Máirtín de Cógáin on his CD The False Start (may be purchased in the Chivalry Music Store)
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Notes: This song was featured in Brendan Behan's play, "The Quare Fella," first produced in 1954. The sound of the triangle summoned prisoners to their meals in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, the setting of the song. The walls of the prison border the Royal Canal, one of two canals in Dublin that join the River Liffey. 

Behan wrote this song while serving a prison sentence for his activities in the I.R.A.

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Oh! a hungry feeling, it came o'er me stealing
And the mice they were squealing in my prison cell--

 And the ould triangle, It went jingle jangle
All along the banks of the Royal Canal.

Now the screw was peeping while the lag was sleeping
And he was dreaming of his gal, Sal,


And to begin the morning, the warders bawling
"Ah, get up you bowsey and clean out your cell!"


Now in the female prison there are seventeen women
And it's among those women I would like to dwell;


Now the wind was rising and the sun declining
While I lay there pining in my prison cell.