Johnny at the Door
Words and Music by Marc Gunn

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"Johnny at the Door" is performed by the Brobdingnagian Bards
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Johnny awoke with an ache in his head.
Bad dreams had made him ill.
But he grumbled as he dressed despite his duress
And he made his way to the mill.

Oh he never wanted to work that day,
But the foreman had himself clear.
So Johnny dreamed of the eve to come
When he'd drink him beer after beer,

I'll drink from dusk till dawn
I'll drink a toast to day's end.
Yes, I'll drink from dusk till dawn
And I'll drink to the health of me friends.

It was a chilly morning, went straight to his bones
Oh, he wished that he had him some ale.
Just one fine glass of stout Guinness
Would hold him till the end of the trail.

Oh his mouth watered with the thought of ale
By the time he arrived he'd decide
That not even Death could keep him away
From his friends and their favorite dive.
They'll sing...


Johnny worked hard all the day
His mind away drinking alone
But he told his friends of the pledge he'd made
And the fantasy that kept him afloat.

"Come hell or high water I'll drink with you
Nothing could keep me away."
When the day came to end, 
He left with a friend.
They sang...


On the road they came to a bridge of rope
And there they met a man
With a scythe in his hand and an evil grin
'Twas Old Death who cut Johnny down.

Johnny's friend crossed himself, swore it was the truth
As he retold the scene to the bar
And they raised a toast to Johnny's last words,
"I'll drink with ye come hell or high water!"
He said...


O the door swung open, a cold wind blew in
A man stood there unafraid.
He called for a beer. They realized when near
It was Johnny come back from the grave.

He said, "You could keep me away from work.
There's nothing I live for there.
But I told you today of the pledge I made
You can't keep a man from his beer!
Let's all sing...

Chorus  (x2)

KEY verse: G G G D7 G C G C G C G D7 G chorus: C G C G C G C G D7 G