The Ramblin' Rover

Words and music by Andy M. Stewart
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This example of "The Ramblin' Rover" is performed by Andy M. Stewart on his albums By the Hush and Live Wizardry (Silly Wizard).
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 Notes:  Andy M. Stewart writes: "I wrote this song for my dear friends in our band "Silly Wizard," and to give some kind of an idea of the craziness of life as a touring musician. We used to have ceilidhs very frequently and that's where the life of this song began. Since then it seems to have been adopted as an anthem of committed partyers the world over."   It's practically a traditional song in its own right!

Andy recorded this song on By the Hush,  Live Wizardry and The Best of Silly Wizard. The words, sheet music and chords appear in his songbook, The Andy M. Stewart Collection.

Guitar chords
Dm F

Oh, there're sober men in plenty, 
And drunkards barely twenty, 
There are men of over ninety 
That have never yet kissed a girl. 
But gie me a ramblin' rover, 
And fae Orkney down to Dover. 
We will roam the country over 
And together we'll face the world. 

There's many that feign enjoyment 
From merciless employment, 
Their ambition was this deployment 
From the minute they left the school. 
And they save and scrape and ponder 
While the rest go out and squander, 
See the world and rove and wander 
And are happier as a rule. 

I've roamed through all the nations 
Ta'en delight in all creation, 
And I've tried a wee sensation 
Where the company, did prove kind. 
And when partin' was no pleasure, 
I've drunk another measure 
To the good friends that were treasure 
For they always are in our minds. 

If you're bent wi' arth-i-ritis, 
Your bowels have got colitis, 
You've gallopin' with bollockitis 
And you're thinkin' it's time you died, 
If you been a man of action, 
Though you're lying there in traction, 
You will get some satisfaction 
Thinkin', "Jesus, at least I tried."