Rantin' Rovin' Robin

Written by Robert Burns 


This exampl of "Rantin' Rovin' Robin" is performed by Andy M. Stewart on "The Songs of Robert Burns"
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Notes:   Andy writes this about Rantin' Rovin' Robin:
This song commemorates an incident which occurred when Robert Burns was only a few days old:
   "Our monarch's hindmost year but ane
   Was five and twenty days begun
   'Twas then a blast o' Janwar win'
   Blew hansel in on Robin."
The incident is best described in a letter by Gilbert Burns (Robert's brother), first printed in "Dr. Currie's Edition of 1803."

"When my father built his clay biggin', he put in two stone jambs, as they are called, and a lintel, carrying up the chimney in his clay-gable. The consequence was that as the gable subsided, the jambs remaining firm threw it off its center; and one very stormy morning when my brother was nine or ten days old, a little before daylight, a part of the gable fell out and the rest appeared so shattered that my mother, with the young poet, had to be carried through the storm to a neighbor's house, where they remained a week till their own dwelling was adjusted."
(From the third edition of "The Burns Encyclopedia" by Maurice Lindsay, pub. 1980, St. Martin's Press, Inc. New York)


There was a lad was born in Kyle,
But whatn'a day, o' whatn'a style
I doot it's hardly worth the while
Tae be sae nice wi' Robin

For Robin was a rovin' boy,
A rantin' rovin' rantin' rovin',
Robin was a rovin' boy,
A rantin' rovin' Robin.

Oor Monarch's hindmost year but ane,
Was five and twenty days begun'
'Twas then a blast o' Januar' win'
Blew hansel in on Robin.

The gossip keekit in his loof,
Quo' she,"Wha' lives shall see the proof,
This waly boy will be nae coof;
I think we'll ca' him Robin".

He'll hae misfortunes great and sma'
But aye a heart abune them a'
He'll be a credit tae us a';
We'll a' be prood o' Robin.

But sure as three times three mak' nine,
I see by ilka score and line,
This chap will dearly like oor kin'
So leeze me on thee, Robin.