Rogue of Dundee

Words and music by Leza Mesiah

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"Rogue of Dundee" is performed by Leza Mesiah on her CD, "The Moor of Dundee"
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         Sail her up to the highlands;
         Sail her up to the sea;
         Sail her up, me darlin' maiden,
         With the Moor (Rogue) of Dundee.

I went off to market,
    Well robed and well fed. 
When this ruddy bold chieftain
    I turned her fair head.
But the next day I woke up
    Quite drugged it might seem. 
I was captured by this Captain,
    A rogue of the sea.

Oh Mother, oh Father,
    How could I've forseen
That her (his) gentle green eyes
    Were naught what they dost seemed.
Though I struggled for certain
    With tears I did shed,
But I soon found comfort
    In her (his) soft feather bed.


Well, it shan't be so easy,
    Yet I shan't not be so hard,
But this new love's
    A rascal, a genius, a card.
While nothin's for certain
    And we fought till we bled,
You know you want me, woman,
    It's yer hunger I fed.


Farewell to me homeland
    With my heart I must go
To ramble of me freewill
    To the sea I do roam.
It's a new land I travel
    Along the sea-side
With this contrary captain,
    A sun-ripened bride.