A Squire's Song

Words and Music by Andrew Scarhart
Written for his squire brother, Christopher d'Armand, A.S. XXVIII.


This example of "A Squire's Song" is performed by Andrew Scarhart
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Note: Our knight, Sir William the Bear, insisted that a well rounded knight should not only fight and marshal and look good off the field, but s/he should also be able to entertain, to dance, to speak well and with grace. To stand up and sing or tell a tale at a bardic is, for some of us, a very difficult thing to do. I wrote this song to provide a short, simple song for my shyer squire brothers and sisters, Christopher in particular. - -A. S.

I stand here now before you
A shy and modest man,
A simple song to sing you
As chivalry demands;
But I find the place uncommon,
Before a crowd to sing,
For I am a simple
Soldier of the king.

There are some among my siblings
Who tell a wondrous tale
Of brave deeds and maidens
And heroes where they fell.
Their stories are beguiling,
(And) Wisdom from them springs;
And I am a simple
Soldier of the king.

Others of my siblings,
Their voices fill the night:
Dancing tunes and fancy,
Their songs of pure delight.
But though my song is quiet,
The words ring no less true:
From my heart, eternal springs
The love I have for you.