Whup Jamboree

Traditional sea shanty


This example of "Whup Jamboree" is performed by Jolly Rogers.
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There are many variants of this song.  It's also referenced as Wop, Whop or Whip Jamboree.

Whup Jamboree, whup jamboree
Oh a long-tailed sailor man comin' up behind
Whup Jamboree, whup jamboree
Come an' get your oats me son

The pilot he looked out ahead
The hands on the cane [chain] and the heavin' of the lead
And the old man roared to wake the dead
Come and get your oats me son!

Oh, now we see the Lizard Light
Soon, me boys, we'll heave in sight
We'll soon be abreast of the Isle of Wight
Come and get your oats me son!

Now when we get to the Blackwall docks
Those pretty young girls come out in flocks
With short-legged drawers and long-tailed frocks
Come and get your oats me son!

Well, when we get to Lanaus Lane
On all the girls will spend our pay
We'll not sign on 'til another day
Come and get your oats me son