The Work O' The Weavers

Traditional Scottish


This example of "The Work o' the Weavers" is performed by Alex Sutherland and His Cronies on their CD "Auld an' New"
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This song was very popular in Forfarshire and other centres of the handloom weaving industry. The author was a Forfar weaver, David Shaw. He died in Forfar in 1856. 

We're all met thegither here tae sit and tae crack,
Wi' our glasses in oor hands an' oor work upon oor back
There's no a trade in a' the earth can either mend or mak'
We a' need the work o' the weavers.

     If it wasnae for the weavers what would we do
     We widnae hae clothes made o' woo
     We widnae hae a coat neither black nor blue
     If it wasnae for the work o' the weavers.

There's folks that's independent o' other people's work,
For women need nae barbers and dykers need nae clerks,
But none o' them can dae withoot a coat or a shirt,
We a' need the work o' the weavers.

Oor sodgers an' oor sailors we know that they are bauld
But if they didnae hae claes they couldnae fight for cauld,
The high an' low, the rich an' poor - abody young an' auld,
They a' need the work o' the weavers.

Noo weaving is a trade that can never, ever fail,
As long as we need claes to keep a body hale
So let us raise oor glasses wi' a bicker o' good ale
An' drink tae the health o' the weavers.