How I Stack Me Oul CDs
a song by Mattie Lennon, copyright 2000


 This song is no way smutty,
 I don't approve of sleaze,
 I'm simply going to tell you
 How I stack me oul CDs.
 I've put the best of Christy
 ("Ride On") with Mary Black.
 Richie Kavanagh's there beside them
 With his latest "Scratch me Back"

 Van Morrison is on his own,
 I think that's fair and right.
 Brendan Shine with Jimmy Crowley,
 Thinks I put him there for spite.
 Just for a little devilment
 (And not because he strayed)
 De Burgh I'll slide in gently
 Between Daniel and Sinead.

 I've shifted Philomena
 And left her at the side.
 Then squeezed in Elenor McEvoy;
 She's under Tom McBride.
 The Wolfe Tones and James Galway?
 I've kept them well apart.
 And Mary Duff and Bono,
 Are separated by Frank Hart.

 I've a special place for artists
 Who appear on Failte Isteach,
 But I'm keeping P.J. Murrihy
 Away from Dickie Rock.
 And a separate collection,
 (Secured by bolts and locks)
 It's listed in the index
 As "Mary Coughlan's Box".

 And then my compilation,
 Features Cliff and Michael too,
 So there can't be any question
 Of who goes under who.
 The Midland Maestro's' status
 Seems to change from day to day,
 So I have to check with Donie,
 On the order of display.

 Now things can be confusing,
 And sometimes get me down;
 The picture on "The Fury's Best"
 Is that of Shane McGowan.
 I've mislaid Louise Morrissy
 And scratched Dolores Keane.
 Oh God....I've Declan Nerney
 On top of Ann Mulqueen.

 For Seamus Moore and Coulter
 The whole effect I'd ruin
 If I put "The Sea Of Tranquility"
 Beside "Fluthered On The Moon".
 Imagine Barney's banjo
 With Sharon's gentle squeeze?
 You just can't be too careful
 When you're stacking th' oul CDs.

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