Brian Hart

Brian Hart, 2006

Brian Matthew Hart, from St. Louis, Missouri has been singing all his life but didn't get interested in traditional songs and singing styles until he was in high school.  In 2002, at age 24, Brian became the first American and youngest person ever to take First Place in the All-Ireland Fleadh ballad singing competition, senior division. The plaque he received listed previous winners, adding his own to a long and impressive list, including Joe Heaney, Frank Harte and others. 

Brian finished his undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and earned Master's degrees in traditional music performance and Irish language from the University of Limerick. 

In addition to being an accomplished singer of English-language ballads, Brian has immersed himself in the Irish language and the sean nós (old style) singing tradition.

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Brian has contributed these songs to Cantaria:
My Charming Edward Boyle  
Neainsín Bhán  
Remember Dubh Loch  
Thug Mé Grá Duit
A Stor Mo Chroi
The Lambs on the Green Hills 
Down the Moor and Among the Heather  
Pleasant and Delightful